4 Ways Russo’s is Unique in the Pizza Industry

May 14, 2019

The pizza industry has no shortage of franchise options. Customers could probably eat at a different franchise every night for a month. But when you’re considering your future franchise, you want more than just another option. You want a commitment to quality and a unique place in the market — the things that keep customers coming back instead of trying the other guys.

At Russo’s New York Pizzeria, we’ve learned through our decades of pizza preparation that what customers want is a higher-quality experience. And what franchisees need is to get their hands in the dough and see pizza the way we do — as Italians.

Let’s look at some of the ways Russo’s is different than the other guys, as a pizza restaurant and a franchisor, so you can see why Russo’s is such a great franchise opportunity.

To Us, Freshness Matters     

We have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to freshness: If it isn’t fresh, we don’t serve it. Our tomatoes are grown exclusively for Russo’s on a California farm and our sauce and dough are made fresh daily. We use 100% all-natural ingredients and we even have gluten-free options.

Sure, it would be easier to get everything frozen, but since when is good food about taking the easy route? At Russo’s, we know that our customers want that fresh experience, so we make sure our franchisees are dedicated to rolling up their sleeves and making freshness a top priority.

Upscale-Casual is the Next Generation of Pizza

Success in any business requires keeping an eye on the industry. And we’re watching a shift in the desires of customers, from quick and cheap to fresh and refined. Our customers want that upscale-casual experience that other names in the pizza game can’t match.

Throughout the world, pizza is on the rise, and Russo’s is primed to be at the forefront of the high-quality pizza craze. Instead of pizza churned out from a factory, younger, more discerning pizza fans want to know that care went into their pie. That’s what Russo’s offers and that’s what we teach to each of our franchisees.

Hands-On Training Gets Your Fists in the Dough

As a Russo’s franchisee, you’re not just learning how to sell pizza, you’re learning how to take fresh ingredients and turn them into an unforgettable meal. You’re getting your hands dirty, literally and figuratively.

Our 6 – 8-week training program takes place in live, existing restaurants. We’re not going to sit you down in a classroom and expect you to pick up on something that takes hands-on experience to master.

From POS to recipes, from delivery to catering , we provide the highest degree of training so that every Russo’s franchisee is prepared to give their customers the highest degree of service. That care comes from our family background.

We’re Proud of Our Italian Heritage

You don’t have to be Italian to run a pizza restaurant, but it helps. And our commitment to quality, freshness, and an upscale experience comes directly from the family atmosphere that our founder, Chef Anthony Russo, was raised in.

When you become a Russo’s franchisee, you join that family and get to see firsthand how unique we are in the pizza industry. We don’t cut corners. We don’t rely on quantity over quality. We do things the right way, like our family always has. And our dedicated customers can tell the difference.

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