5 Leading Industry Trends in the Pizzeria Business

We know that smart franchisees and entrepreneurs want to remain current on what’s happening across the pizza industry. If you take your eye off market changes and consumer trends, then you risk falling behind the power curve. That’s why we want to fill you in on what’s popular among pizza enthusiasts right now.

Check out these five data-backed trends you cannot afford to ignore as a pizzeria owner.

Streamlined, User-Friendly Menus

Although it’s important for us to offer a wide variety of pizza and pasta selections, we don’t want to overdo it. The numbers show folks prefer streamlined, comprehensible menus rather than too much complexity. That’s why 60% of restaurants have reverted to simpler menus after the pandemic.

Restaurant Patrons Seek Better Than What They Can Make

One of the main perks of going out to eat is enjoying a quality meal you can’t replicate in your kitchen. Now, we know that empirically since survey research suggests 78% of adult diners visit a restaurant for something they can’t make at home.

Fish Isn’t Popular

While many pizza customers are after novel toppings, the data shows us that fish is not one of them. Perhaps not surprisingly, 61% of pizza fans rate anchovies as their least favorite topping.

Both Comfort Food & Healthy Dining Are Lucrative

Pizza can be both a treat or a healthy meal, depending on how you make it. The good news is that both approaches (comfort food and healthy food) are a big hit these days. That’s why we continue to offer everything from meat lovers and giant slices to gluten-free or vegetarian pizza.

Patrons Like Novel Pizza Shapes

Another novel item that’s gaining popularity is the “pizza cone.” It involves rolling the crust into a cone shape before applying toppings. This is one of many ways pizzerias are experimenting with new shapes and creations. It’s also a reason Russo’s serves popular handheld items like sandwiches and calzones.

Have you noticed any of these pizza trends in your community?

At any rate, Russo’s New York Pizzeria will continue to monitor and adapt to the latest consumer demands in the pizza business. If you’re not already part of the Russo’s business family, we invite you to consider a career as a franchise owner. You’re welcome to contact us anytime to learn all about becoming a successful pizzeria entrepreneur by calling (832) 477-7597.