A Pizza Franchise With 4 Distinct Revenue Streams

Considering franchising? You’re in the right place. Russo’s New York Pizzeria is an emerging franchise with four revenue streams, making a name for itself in the pizza industry. Here’s why:


Italian old-world cuisine is a social food meant to excite and inspire celebration around the table. And that’s exactly what Russo’s New York Pizzeria provides its customers.

What we serve is hard to come by – particularly in the pizza industry – thoughtfully crafted, authentic Italian pizza, pasta and salad in an NYC-worthy environment, no matter where we’re located. Guillermo, a multi-unit franchisee in Texas describes our restaurants perfectly, “From the moment customers walk in, they know they’ve come somewhere special. They’re getting a true slice of New York.”

We stay away from packaged goods and only incorporate high-quality ingredients in our recipes. All of the vegetables we use as toppings and in our sauce are chopped or crushed by hand, while our dough is crafted in-house with 100 percent semolina wheat.

Our gourmet-quality dishes are artisanal, rich and flavorful, something we like to call an affordable luxury. Now that’s a high-value proposition. We don’t just follow a formula, we get in the kitchen and cook! More importantly, our family recipes have stood the test of time for hundreds of years. It’s what keeps customers coming back for more, every single day.


The Russo’s business model has four revenue streams to maximize our franchisees’ top line, making our concept highly competitive.

Sam Farouz, another one of our multi-unit franchisees in Texas, says it’s one of the biggest reasons he chose to franchise with Russo’s, “I really liked the business concept. It generates great returns because there are multiple sources of revenue.”


Americans eat out at least five or six times a week. And when our customers decide to dine in, they expect unpretentious excellence. They come for the award-winning, made-to-order pizza but stay for the good times that come with it (a fine selection of wine and beer helps, too). Oh, and it wouldn’t be New-York-style pizza if we didn’t also offer it by the slice.

Our dine-in option proves to produce higher ticket averages. Plus, our relationships with national partners help drive guests through your doors.


Nearly 40 percent of adults say they aren’t eating in-restaurant as often as they’d like. When our customers feel like staying in, we’re happy to bring our irresistible food directly to them. All they have to do is use our easy-to-navigate online ordering system. With in-house delivery, we can ensure every guest gets Russo’s-quality service every time.

Having a delivery process built into the restaurant model allows our owners to maximize profitability and remain competitive in a market where other restaurants pay third-party companies to capture delivery orders.


Many of our customers prefer to place an order for pick-up. On average, 20 to 40 percent of business comes from takeout orders, making this one of our most popular and profitable revenue streams. Counter service also helps keep labor costs down. Plus, takeout allows our customers get the same great Russo’s taste, minus the tip.


Fast-casual catering has grown 11 percent , year over year. That’s why we offer full-service catering, too. Parties, small and large, can choose from a full menu of Italian specialties or customize buffet-style service. We also have national partners, as well as, proven marketing strategies, that help drive catering sales.

There’s no doubt everyone who visits Russo’s can taste (and feel) the difference compared to competing pizza franchises who focus on quantity rather than quality. That’s what sets Russo’s apart from similar pizza franchise concepts.

With four revenue streams and gourmet-quality food for a reasonable price, it’s easier to capture more of the market share in your local area. Don’t believe us? Russo’s average sales beat those of the industry average for chain stores report by PMQ Pizza Magazine. Make the comparison yourself, reach out to us to learn more today.