Pizza franchise Opportunity in Las Vegas, Nevada

Russo’s New York Pizzeria Italian Kitchen goes beyond the standard pizza franchise model, aiming to exceed other national brands in sales. Our menu offers fresh pasta, salads, sandwiches, and pizza by the slice, with halal and gluten-free options to cater to diverse dietary preferences, delighting the vibrant community of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Average Unit Volume $1.134 Million*

Investing in an Las Vegas Pizza Franchise Offers Lucrative Opportunities

Investing in a Las Vegas, Nevada pizza franchise offers compelling opportunities:

Growing Market: The global pizza market is booming, set to increase by $51.28 billion by 2026 with a compound annual growth rate of 6.11%, according to Technavio.
Popularity of Pizza and Italian Cuisine: Pizza and Italian cuisine remain consistently popular, with the global pizza market projected to grow significantly by 2026.
Quality Ingredients and Menu: Our New York-style pizza and freshly made pasta, crafted with premium ingredients, ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.
Low Taxes: Nevada’s friendly tax climate, including low or no personal income tax, makes it an ideal location for franchise establishment.
Projected Population Growth in Las Vegas: Nevada’s population continues to grow steadily, providing a robust customer base.
Abundance of High-Traffic Locations: Abundant strip malls in Nevada offer high-traffic locations for attracting guests.
Outdoor Seating Potential: The state’s above-average year-round temperatures create opportunities for outdoor seating, enhancing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Multiple Pizza Franchise Models Available

Discover the tailored investment opportunities designed to enhance your local market presence with a Russo’s New York Pizza franchise. Here are two distinct models to consider:

Dine-in Concept: Embrace upscale casual dining with our neighborhood pizzeria model. Spanning 1800 to 3500 square feet, this flagship establishment offers full table service or counter service options. Featuring a wood-burning or gas brick oven, an open kitchen layout, and a curated menu, it’s an ideal fit for lifestyle shopping centers or affluent neighborhoods.

Delivery-Focused Model: Minimize initial investment and overhead costs with our delivery-centric approach. This model prioritizes home delivery via third-party services, with online or phone ordering options. Depending on space availability, limited on-site seating can accommodate customers preferring to dine in, with an average store size ranging from 1400 to 1600 square feet.

Ownership Process

Acquiring a pizza franchise opportunity in Las Vegas, Nevada, involves the following straightforward steps:

1. Initiate an introductory call with our development team.
2. Participate in one of our Russo’s New York Pizzeria Zoom meetings.
3. Thoroughly review the Franchise Disclosure Document.
4. Arrange a call with our Franchise Management Team.
5. Engage in a Discovery Day with our Executive Team.
6. Proceed to execute the Franchise Agreement.

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Initial Investment

The initial investment for a Russo’s New York Pizzeria Italian Kitchen ranges from $395,000 to $950,000, considering factors like location, franchise size, leasehold improvement costs, lease rates, and other expenses. This figure includes the $35,000 franchise fee and working capital. For a detailed breakdown of the estimated initial investment, please contact our development team.

Startup Support

We offer comprehensive initial franchise training for Franchise Owners and Managers at their restaurant location, both before and during the grand opening. This intensive program spans 6 to 8 weeks, covering all essential aspects of the franchise business.

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