Pizza Industry Statistics Are in Our Favor

People love pizza, and the love for these savory pies only grows with each passing year. Today, at least 83 percent of consumers eat pizza once a month, while 43 percent of people eat it on a weekly basis. Although the obsession over pizza is here to stay, the demands of those who eat it are moving the industry in an interesting new direction.

Buying power is shifting from Baby Boomers to Generation Z and Millennials who want to pay more if it means better quality. As Technomic ’s Senior Manager of Consumer Insights, Anne Mills explains, “Increased demand for quality and authenticity is influencing consumers to become increasingly discerning about each component on their pizzas.”

Consumers are becoming more conscious of what they put in their body. In fact, 44 percent of pizza lovers choose operators who use fresh, high-quality toppings and ingredients. Here’s another interesting statistic: 49 percent of consumers seek more authentic pizza offerings.

Unlike their predecessors, today’s pizza lovers want more than a slice of pie that’s just “good enough.” They want something flavorful, memorable and Instagrammable.

The shift in pizza trends mean heavy hitters like Pizza Hut and Domino’s are looking for ways to make their offerings, service and restaurants feel more upscale. On the other hand…


At Russo’s New York Pizzeria , we believe you shouldn’t have to travel to New York City (or Italy) to get a taste of truly authentic, quality Italian pizza, pastas or salads. We’re known for our gourmet-quality offerings served in a New-York-style setting and, our pizza is award-winning for a reason.


While many of our big-brand competitors use frozen dough, we make ours fresh, using 100 percent Italian semolina wheat. That’s not all; we are extremely selective about where we source all of our ingredients, too. Here’s an example: we use vine-ripened tomatoes from California and pure mozzarella from a quaint, Wisconsin dairy farm.

Everything is carefully crafted and made in-house – our dough is hand-tossed and our cheese is sourced from a quaint dairy farm in Wisconsin. We even make pastas and dressings ourselves.


Italian cuisine is a social food; it’s something our founder, Chef Anthony Russo learned from an early age. He says eating was an emotional experience and the kitchen was the center of his family’s life. They taught him cooking techniques from Naples, Sicily and Avellino using ingredients from their backyard garden.

The Russos loved cooking so much, the patriarch of the family opened an Italian restaurant, where Chef Anthony refined his culinary skills. Mastering his craft in his father’s restaurant was the coal that fired his passion for making authentic Italian cuisine. It’s also what sparked the idea for Russo’s New York Pizzeria.

We are at the forefront of the change consumers want to see from the pizza industry. We offer picture-perfect food with quality taste to match. And numbers don’t lie – PMQ Pizza Magazine data reveals Russo’s consistently surpasses the average pizza chain’s single-store sales. Ask for a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document for proof.