Reasons to Invest in a Pizza Business

March 22, 2023

Are you still a little on the fence over whether to start a franchise business?

Often, the trickiest part involves discerning which industry to enter as a prospective business owner. Some parts of the economy are growing while others are stagnating or much more volatile. Here, we’ll make the case for why owning a restaurant, specifically in the pizza business, could be the best career move you’ve ever made.

Pizza is Always Popular

The question is not whether people will enjoy pizza in your town. Everybody likes pizza. What sets you apart from competitors has more to do with initiative, providing novel menu items, adaptable service (like takeout ordering), and a decent amount of capital to get started. Again, it’s easy to find demand for pizza in America since research shows that 40% of Americans claim to eat it at least once a week.

The Franchise Approach is Far Less Risky

Perhaps you’ve thought of making the bold leap into the pizza industry as a sole proprietor. While this isn’t impossible, you’ll find that the vast majority of restaurants operate as franchise systems for a reason. It’s way harder to develop a working restaurant operation on your own, inventing everything from scratch. Instead, it’s way more prudent to cooperate with a franchisor who can help you avoid trial-and-error business pitfalls, and often drive you toward profitability faster. This is also the more effective way to avoid turnover AND own multiple locations like Russo’s franchisee, Guillermo Medellin, who operates four pizzerias with us.

Just Beware: Some Pizza Companies are Better Than Others

Of course, if it was “easy,” everybody would do it. Sometimes, folks think running a pizzeria is simple, and fail spectacularly because they cannot adapt to consumer preferences or market shifts.

The bottom line is that you MUST only work with a viable pizza business. While there are a few different options, you should always evaluate a pizza franchisor for what it brings to the table. Do they offer legitimate on-board training for new franchisees? Has their brand succeeded in various communities? Will they supply you with reliable equipment like brick ovens, POS equipment, and so forth? Whatever you do, never plunge into a franchise agreement without doing your homework and evaluating your potential franchisor.

You can count on Russo’s New York Pizzeria to fulfill all your expectations as a viable pizza business franchisor. We have a proven record of success, based on a simple and learnable strategy, with multiple restaurant concepts, and offer all our franchisees everything they need to be successful. Plus, there’s never been a better time to enter the booming pizza industry.

Call us anytime at 346-802-4700 to learn more about Russo’s lucrative franchise opportunities.

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