Russo’s New York Pizzeria Difference

Pizza. Everybody loves it. You probably do, too. It’s likely one of the major reasons you’re thinking about investing in a pizza franchise in the first place. While it’s deliciously lucky to have limitless options to devour, it also means there are dozens of pizza franchises to choose from. How do you know which to pick?

Big-brand chains seem like the obvious choice, but there’s plenty of data (and complaints) that may change your mind.


First and foremost, they fail their customers on a regular basis. Don’t believe us? Head to any social media platform and search the hashtag of any big-name pizza chain. The results are shocking.

There are never-ending complaints about terrible service and poor-quality food. You’ll find everything from unreasonably long wait times to employees and store managers denying making a mistake at all. Many pizza chains even use frozen dough – or worse – frozen pizzas altogether.

Here are some examples we pulled from public social media posts to give you a sample-sized taste of what we mean:

Yes, big-brand pizza franchises offer quick service and bargain prices, but that also means they have to compromise on something; more often than not, it’s quality. According to consumer trends, that’s a huge misstep in the wrong direction.

Technomic says to get ready for the “Rise of the Pizza Connoisseurs” who prefer quality above all else. PMQ Pizza Magazine says the next generation of pizza lovers is looking for more authentic offerings, fresh ingredients, healthy alternatives, and a fully integrated experience. They don’t mind being wined and dined in a more upscale restaurant environment either.

Foodservice Analyst, Diana Kelter, shares her findings in a recent Mintel Reports study, “As dining habits shift and the landscape gets more competitive, fast casuals look beyond what worked in the past and focus on what lies ahead, including more premium beverages and automation as well as the showcasing of specialty concepts on a mainstream stage.” The report also revealed fast-casual restaurants are “struggling to capture the dinner appeal.”

That’s why so many “Pizza Connoisseurs” are turning to smaller pizza chains that already meet their demands for higher quality everything.

What Russo’s Is Doing Right

At Russo’s New York Pizzeria , quality is the foundation for everything we do. Each pizza and dish is crafted with skill and care using fresh ingredients. That means we make everything in-house, including our unforgettably flavorful sauce and incredibly rich dough. Even our pasta is made fresh.

We’re talking about vine-ripened tomatoes, pure mozzarella cheese, 100-percent Italian semolina wheat…you get the picture. If you don’t, here are a few for reference:

We even have authentic Italian roots and use generations-old family recipes. Our founder, Chef Anthony Russo learned to cook from his parents who immigrated to the United States from Italy. He incorporates flavors from Naples and Sicily into each item on our extensive menu.

Italians are famously known for more than just their food but the experience that comes with eating it. Chef Russo says one of his favorite things about growing up was the memories his family created around the dinner table. That’s why we strive to recreate that feeling with every customer we serve. And we do it all in a New-York-style pizzeria setting.

In a world where consumers are willing to spend a little more for higher quality cuisine and a memorable experience, Russo’s beats out those big-name chains on all fronts.