Russo’s New York Pizzeria Rolls Out “Next Generation Pizza & Italian” Restaurant Design

March 5, 2018

The time is now to grab your very own slice of the $45 billion pizza industry. According to PMQ , both the US and worldwide pizza markets have grown from 2016 to 2017, with even more growth projected in 2018. Even better, the study found that average unit sales are on the rise as well, making it a great time to invest in a pizza franchise such as Russo’s.

You know and love our fast-casual concept, Russo’s New York Pizzeria, and our more upscale, full-service model, Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen. Now, with the dawn of a new year comes a brand-new Russo’s to nourish your body and soul – the Next Generation Pizza & Italian concept.

Next Generation Pizza & Italian is shaking up the restaurant franchise industry with a new, fast-casual, pizza and pasta-focused concept offering a fresh approach to classic Italian dining.

Chef Anthony Russo, founder and CEO of the chef-driven concept, announced the brand’s “Next Generation Pizza & Italian” restaurant model –ideal for on-the-go diners looking for authentic Italian cuisine at shopping malls and neighborhood strip centers.

Beyond consumer convenience, Russo’s Next Generation Pizza & Italian restaurant model is leading the fast casual Italian dining category by creating a business model that is meeting customer demand:

  • A smaller footprint (1,200-4,000 sq. ft.)
  • A lower barrier to entry for entrepreneurs entering the restaurant franchise business with an initial investment less than $500,000 in select markets
  • A focus on fresh ingredients, reducing additional supply costs for preservatives and packaging, and also meeting consumers’ demand for high quality food
  • Online ordering and free delivery options for added customer value
  • Average food costs and labor costs are 21.8% and 25.4% respectively*
  • Item 19 financials put net income at an average of 17.4%*
  • Average sales volume per unit is $1,020,383 million*

“This new format meets the customer demand for fresh, quality cuisine for pick-up, on the go, or delivered,” said Russo, who has 40 years of culinary expertise that is reflected in the fresh, homemade Italian cuisine served in each of his restaurants using family recipes since 1978. “Our success starts with the food. We serve only high-quality ingredients. Our motto is, ‘if it’s not fresh, don’t serve it,’ and we live by that – our customers have come to expect it from us. A few of our house specialties include freshly made fettuccini Alfredo, homemade gnocchi, handmade mozzarella cheese, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, and of course, gourmet New York-style pizzas.”

Chef Anthony puts an emphasis on gluten-free pizza, pasta and other dishes, which thrills an often-underserved population with serious gluten allergies. Prior to adding gluten-free items to the menus in each of his restaurant franchises, he spent nearly two years developing a gluten-free pizza crust recipe that doesn’t skimp in flavor, texture or quality.

Chef Anthony Russo helms an acclaimed restaurant group which was ranked No. 25 Top Food Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine i n 2017.

The media has shown great interest in the new Russo’s Next Generation Pizza & Italian concept as well – it’s clear that the word is getting out about the pizza franchise’s latest foray into offering even more of the brand’s highly regarded regular and gluten free pizza to customers in new markets across the world.

Coverage has already run in pizza publications and restaurant websites that tell the story of the Italian restaurant franchise’s ascent to the top of its class.

Fans of the pizza franchise can read about Russo’s Next Generation Pizza & Italian concept in Fast Casual , one of the most prominent online and print publications for those interested in restaurant franchise news. An article ran that describes the new model’s tech specs, including a great quote from Chef Anthony that hits home the powerhouse that is Russo’s Restaurants.

Additionally, a story ran on Pizza Marketplace , a popular news site for pizza franchise and pizza catering trends, which further solidified Russo’s Next Generation Pizza & Italian as one of the frontrunners in the on-the-go Italian restaurant franchise industry.

Russo’s Next Generation Pizza & Italian is just one of three great Russo’s Restaurants concepts that our franchisees can take advantage of adding to their portfolios – several of our franchisees are multi-unit owners who have found great success as owners of a pizza franchise.

“The Russo’s team goes above and beyond in terms of site selection, restaurant design and construction to make sure that each restaurant is up and running as quickly as possible,” said Guillermo Medellin, a Russo’s multi-unit owner of three locations in the Houston area. “The training is excellent and has taught me a lot about what it means to lead several teams.”

Medellin’s passion is working with people at each of his Russo’s locations to watch them grow as professionals.

“My first priority each day is to visit all three locations. I talk with the managers to see what they need in order to achieve the goals we’ve set,” he said. “We identify areas of growth and improvement, and together, we feel our best when our customers are served well.”

The pizza industry is booming and the opportunity to own a Russo’s Next Generation Pizza & Italian means that motivated individuals can grab their own slice of a $44 billion industry. To learn more about Russo’s franchise development opportunities and the Next Generation Pizza & Italian restaurant model, visit

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