Where’s the Best Pizza in Houston?

October was National Pizza Month, and I took this as my personal mission to eat as much pizza as I possibly could in order to make this list for you. YOU ARE WELCOME.

OK, I know this is completely subjective, but these are some of my favorite ‘za spots to enjoy a slice.


The largest slice of pizza I’ve ever had was from  Russo’s. We got one at work, and this pizza slice must have been like a foot and a half long. It was just cheese, but it was yum. Russo’s is famous for its 28-inch pizzas, and they barely fit through a standard door, FYI. I ventured into the actual restaurant (just across the street from my work, on Westheimer) to discover that it, a. had normal sized pizzas and b. was a very popular lunch spot for pizza, pasta and even salads (seems wrong to order salad at a delicious pizza place, but I trust they are THAT good of salads).

We ordered the spinach, kale and artichoke dip, you know, to get some greens in and be healthy. It was absolutely decadent and kind of easy to throw back. FYI, we also got yummy house bread and olive oil dip too, so we were way caroboloaded before our pizza even arrived. We ordered the New York Village pizza, again, because NYC represent (and because it’s one of the most popular). It was like a next-level supreme pizza and was so good. Might be ruined on normal supreme pizzas now.

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