The Importance of Location for Your Pizza Franchise

Business owners have to select the right location for their establishment if they wish to be successful. There’s no such thing as an effective brick-and-mortar (physical business site) that ignores the timeless adage – “location, location, location.” Even in the pizzeria business, perhaps especially in this industry, you must pay attention to where you put your restaurant.

If you’re considering a career as a pizzeria franchisee, you’ll want to know the best strategies for selecting an optimal place of business. This article offers suggestions for how to do that.

Interior of a Russo's NY Pizzeria Location

Investigate the Competition

Every prudent business professional knows the value of surveying the competition. It’s not espionage or cheating, either. This is where you figure out where other pizza restaurants have had success and see if there’s room nearby. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for potential “complementary businesses” in your community such as movie theaters, ice cream shops, and other things that go well with pizza. Those locations may be where you decide to position a new pizzeria.

Find a Place with Easy Access

You don’t want to rent or buy any commercial real estate that’s hard to access with only one road or a notoriously difficult parking lot. Often, the best pizzeria locations are near highway exits, downtown areas, and around other necessities. It also doesn’t hurt to set up shop along public transit routes or places with plenty of pedestrian traffic. Nothing’s better than having access to folks who see your restaurant and casually walk inside for a quick slice of pizza or calzone.

Make the Most of Your Establishment with Attractive Amenities & Decor

This is one area where we offer plenty of support when you partner with Russo’s New York Pizzeria. That’s because we’ve done this a long time, having enjoyed lots of success with three effective restaurant concepts. It goes without saying that you should maintain a clean and beautiful ambiance both inside and outside your restaurant. One way that Russo’s excels at this is by offering patrons a one-of-a-kind dining experience with special novelties. Our best example is when we give customers the chance to watch us make pizza with coal-fired ovens in our larger full-service restaurants. There are many other terrific ways to attract patrons with features and aesthetics as well.

Let this serve as an introduction to what you can do to cultivate the most lucrative pizzeria location. There are many more strategies, which we’d be more than happy to help you explore when you become one of our many franchise owners.

Russo’s New York Pizzeria operates a successful chain of authentic Italian restaurants both in the United States and internationally. We’re eager to expand and invite enthusiastic entrepreneurs to share our success. If you’d like to learn more about franchise opportunities, please contact us anytime at (832) 477-7597 or feel free to fill out the form below.