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HOUSTON - Russo’s New York Pizzeria announces its first location in Manila, Philippines. Chef Russo inked a multi-unit development agreement to open stores with the Le Frank Group. Read more on

Russo's New York Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen has opened its fourth location in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh at the Park Avenue Mall, according to a press release. Read more on pizzamarketplace

HOUSTON, Feb. 3, 2023

Classic New York Pizzeria and Upscale Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen Pizza Franchise Concepts Target UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Africa and Egypt for Expansion...Read More on Bloomberg

Russo’s New York Pizzeria is continuing to open new locations in the Fort Bend County area. Take a look at this article published by The Fort Bend Star entitled: Nibbles & Sips: Russo’s expanding pizza empire across Fort Bend County

Date: October 1, 2021
Contact: Laura Michaels, editor in chief, Franchise Times;

Franchise Times Top 400 ranks the industry’s biggest brands Annual ranking shows COVID’s impact on franchising

Top 400 sales fell 13.1 percent in 2020, to $635.9 billion, as some brands thrived and others took a hit in a year of shutdowns, pandemic-related restrictions and radical change. Sales at the 10 largest franchises dropped 2.1 percent as those brands collectively lost nearly $7 billion. Among restaurants, the performance of Jersey Mike’s stands out, with CEO Peter Cancro among four exclusive featured interviews. The online database launches today, listing all 400 brands by worldwide sales.

MINNEAPOLIS—Combined annual sales at the 400 largest U.S.-based franchisors declined by more than $96 billion or 13.1 percent last year, to $635.9 billion, according to the newly released Franchise Times Top 400, an exclusive ranking of the 400 largest franchises.

The 10 largest franchised brands lost $6.9 billion in sales in 2020, a 2.1 percent decrease compared to that cohort’s 6.7 percent sales growth the prior year. The top 10 now account for more than $323 billion in annual sales.

Previously the Top 200+, Franchise Times renamed its annual ranking of the 400 largest U.S.- based franchise systems by global systemwide sales to better encompass the biggest brands in franchising, along with promising young concepts in growth mode. The rigorous approach to research remains the same, said Franchise Times Editor in Chief Laura Michaels. The project is the result of a five-month research and reporting effort that leads to the most credible and objective franchise ranking available.

The collection of systemwide sales data also provides useful insight into the franchise industry’s performance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“While overall growth took a 13.1 percent hit in 2020, sales increases at major brands such as No. 2 7-Eleven and Ace Hardware, which grew to $91.8 billion and $20.6 billion, respectively, illustrate notable shifts in consumer spending,” said Michaels. “The retail category as a whole grew 7.4 percent, to more than $140 billion. In restaurants, however, overall sales declined 5.1 percent, with only pizza delivery, better burgers and chicken as the growth segments.”

“McDonald’s managed to retain the No. 1 overall position despite systemwide sales falling 6.8 percent to $93.3 billion,” continued Michaels. “KFC held onto the No. 3 spot even as its sales fell 5.8 percent, a contrast to Chick-fil-A’s gain of 11.2 percent to move up to No. 8.”

Burger King fell to No. 5, supplanted by No. 4 Ace’s performance and its own sales decline of $2.8 billion. No. 9 Subway and No. 10 Pizza Hut saw steep declines of 14.9 percent and 7.3 percent, respectively.

Among the four exclusive CEO interviews included in this year’s ranking, Jersey Mike’s CEO Peter Cancro shares how he powered through the pandemic and even completed a top-to-bottom

brand update that helped fuel a 25-spot jump on the Top 400. Executives from Jack in the Box, United Real Estate and College HUNKS Hauling Junk also share how they’ve accelerated sales.

Franchise Times Fastest-Growing Industry Sectors

1. Real Estate +18.5%
2. Health & Medical +9.2% 3. Retail +7.4%
4. Home Services +5.6%
5. Printing & Shipping +5.1%

Franchise Times Top 10 Franchises by Worldwide Sales

  1. McDonald’s; $93.3 billion sales, -6.8% from prior year; 39,198 units, +1.3%
  2. 7-Eleven; $91.8 billion sales, +3.1% from prior year; 72,374 units, +3.1%
  3. KFC; $26.3 billion sales, -5.8% from prior year; 25,000 units, +3.7%
  4. Ace Hardware; $20.6 billion sales, +21.1% from prior year; 5,669 units, +2.1%
  5. Burger King; $20 billion sales, -12.6% from prior year; 18,625 units, -1.1%
  6. Domino’s; $16.1 billion sales, +12.6% from prior year; 17,644 units, +3.7%
  7. Circle K; $15.2 billion sales, +22% from prior year; 11,312 units, +20.4%
  8. Chick-fil-A; $14.1 billion* sales, +11.2% from prior year; 2,610 units, +4.4%
  9. Subway; $13.7 billion* sales, -14.9% from prior year; 37,005 units, -9.5%
  10. Pizza Hut; $11.9 billion in sales, -7.3% from prior year; 17,639 units, -5.7%

*Franchise Times estimate

Franchise Times Top 10 Fastest Growers by Sales Percentage

  1. United Real Estate: 126.8%* increase from prior year
  2. G.J. Gardner: 105.4%
  3. uBreakiFix: 58.5%
  4. American Family Care: 56%
  5. Image360: 46.6%
  6. Edible Arrangements: 32.7%
  7. HomeV estors: 30.6%
  8. City Wide: 30.4%
  9. Wingstop: 28.8%
  10. Marco’s Pizza: 28.4%
  11. *Franchise Times estimate

Franchise Times Top 10 Fastest Growers by Unit Percentage

  1. United Real Estate: 42.1% increase from prior year
  2. Realty One Group: 38.6%
  3. Gong Cha: 24.9%
  4. Home2 Suites: 20.6%
  5. Circle K: 20.4%
  6. American Family Care: 20.3%
  7. Visiting Angels: 19.5%
  8. Smoothie King: 18.1%

9. Brightway Insurance: 15.9% 10. Jan-Pro: 15.6%


The Franchise Times Top 400 is the only ranking by systemwide sales and units of the largest 400 U.S.-based franchise brands. Published in the October issue and available in a searchable database online, the Franchise Times Top 400 also analyzes industry sectors based on percentage change in sales growth, reports the 10 fastest-growing franchises by four different measures, and includes exclusive news stories about the biggest names in franchising. The rankings and full report, and the searchable online database, are available at 2021.

Houston Multi-Unit Operator Signs Multi-Unit Agreement

Russo’s New York Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen signs multi-unit deal with new franchise owners, Randall & Ayesha McCoy. The McCoy family has signed for a five store development deal for the Houston market. Randall McCoy was extremely excited to join the Russo’s family, with history dating back to helping Anthony Russo at his first pizzeria in 1985. Today, even during the midst of a pandemic, he and his family have seen their dreams come true.

Randall McCoy states, “I remember grating mozzarella cheese, making fresh pizza dough, and leaving the restaurant covered in flour. So when I sat down to visit a Russo’s after many years, the aromas of the pizza and pasta immediately took me back to those days. I could tell right away, Russo’s was (and still is) all about quality ingredients.”

With the announcement that the McCoy family has signed for this five store development deal, Anthony Russo states, “We are incredibly excited to have the McCoy family join us. It’s never been a better time for Russo’s New York Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen, as we have seen our sales thrive even in the midst of a global pandemic”.

The McCoy family has plans to develop smaller units from 1500-1800 square feet featuring a full menu offering the freshest ingredients sourced directly from dairy farmers, tomato growers, and olive oil producers. All those fine, natural ingredients are used in all of Russo’s kitchens each day to prepare homemade sauces, salad dressings, pizza dough, fresh pasta, and much more. Classic Italian menu items include: Truffle Tortelloni, Pappardelle Carbonara, Russo’s Lasagna, Baked Ziti, Chicken Parmesan, Tuscan Vegan Pizza, Fettuccine Alfredo, Spicy Fennel Sausage Pizza, and much more.

Russo states, “Our locations are successfully designed to serve guests through dine in, home delivery, catering, takeout and curbside pick up. Our new 1500-1800 is designed for our franchisees to capitalize on the growing home delivery segment”. Russo states, “This means that this is the best time for you to start your own pizza franchise. Pizza not only is surviving, it is thriving”.

Russo’s corporate support team is strong and collaborative with a franchisee-friendly corporate culture and is ready for expansion. What separates Russo’s from the rest of the pizza industry is not only a great support team ready to tackle it all, but also the unique family recipes and fresh ingredients. With no additives or preservatives, Russo’s New York Pizzeria & Italian Kitchen creates dishes from ingredients that are safe and reliable from trusted brands. Chef Russo adds, “Our mission statement is: ‘If it isn’t fresh, don’t serve it.’ That is the Russo family promise.” The average store investment ranges from $350,000-$895,000. Qualified candidates must have at least $200,000 in liquid capital. To learn more about Russo’s menu, lunch specials, delivery, takeout, catering, or to order online, please visit

The pizza industry has no shortage of franchise options. Customers could probably eat at a different franchise every night for a month. But when you’re considering your future franchise, you want more than just another option. You want a commitment to quality and a unique place in the market — the things that keep customers coming back instead of trying the other guys.

At Russo’s New York Pizzeria, we’ve learned through our decades of pizza preparation that what customers want is a higher-quality experience. And what franchisees need is to get their hands in the dough and see pizza the way we do — as Italians.

Let’s look at some of the ways Russo’s is different than the other guys, as a pizza restaurant and a franchisor, so you can see why Russo’s is such a great franchise opportunity.

To Us, Freshness Matters     

We have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to freshness: If it isn’t fresh, we don’t serve it. Our tomatoes are grown exclusively for Russo’s on a California farm and our sauce and dough are made fresh daily. We use 100% all-natural ingredients and we even have gluten-free options.

Sure, it would be easier to get everything frozen, but since when is good food about taking the easy route? At Russo’s, we know that our customers want that fresh experience, so we make sure our franchisees are dedicated to rolling up their sleeves and making freshness a top priority.

Upscale-Casual is the Next Generation of Pizza

Success in any business requires keeping an eye on the industry. And we’re watching a shift in the desires of customers, from quick and cheap to fresh and refined. Our customers want that upscale-casual experience that other names in the pizza game can’t match.

Throughout the world, pizza is on the rise, and Russo’s is primed to be at the forefront of the high-quality pizza craze. Instead of pizza churned out from a factory, younger, more discerning pizza fans want to know that care went into their pie. That’s what Russo’s offers and that’s what we teach to each of our franchisees.

Hands-On Training Gets Your Fists in the Dough

As a Russo’s franchisee, you’re not just learning how to sell pizza, you’re learning how to take fresh ingredients and turn them into an unforgettable meal. You’re getting your hands dirty, literally and figuratively.

Our 6 – 8-week training program takes place in live, existing restaurants. We’re not going to sit you down in a classroom and expect you to pick up on something that takes hands-on experience to master.

From POS to recipes, from delivery to catering , we provide the highest degree of training so that every Russo’s franchisee is prepared to give their customers the highest degree of service. That care comes from our family background.

We’re Proud of Our Italian Heritage

You don’t have to be Italian to run a pizza restaurant, but it helps. And our commitment to quality, freshness, and an upscale experience comes directly from the family atmosphere that our founder, Chef Anthony Russo, was raised in.

When you become a Russo’s franchisee, you join that family and get to see firsthand how unique we are in the pizza industry. We don’t cut corners. We don’t rely on quantity over quality. We do things the right way, like our family always has. And our dedicated customers can tell the difference.

The post 4 Ways Russo’s is Unique in the Pizza Industry appeared first on Russo's New York Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen.

San Antonio location headed by Chef Russo celebrates with new menu items

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Russo’s New York Pizzeria, the only authentic New York-style, Italian restaurant and pizzeria franchise concept, is excited to announce new corporate ownership of Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen at The Rim in San Antonio. Head Chef and CEO Anthony Russo recently acquired the location and is planning to bring 5 – 10 new locations to the area by end of 2019, the restaurant will also serve as the flagship training location for the region.

“We are thrilled to have The Rim location under our corporate umbrella,” said Chef Anthony Russo, Head Chef and CEO behind the brand. “With seven corporate Russo’s locations in Texas, we are excited to be bringing brand new menu items to our San Antonio store.”

Blending the simplicity of a pizzeria with the freshness of an upscale Italian restaurant, Russo’s delivers a chef-driven dining experience using Russo’s family recipes since 1978. At 3,500 square-feet, The Rim location offers gourmet pizzas cooked in an authentic coal-fired pizza oven and Italian fare, including homemade pappardelle pasta, meatballs, sausage and house made fresh mozzarella. The location features an indoor/outdoor patio, full bar, catering, and delivery to residents and businesses.

Russo’s is passionate about menu innovation. The restaurant has launched 12 new menu items including six new flatbread sandwiches. Some of the new menu items include:

Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen at The Rim will also be the brand’s first location to offer a brand new brunch menu on the weekends.

Russo’s New York Pizzeria is a unique pizza and Italian restaurant concept. Russo’s brings the old-fashioned Italian family recipes and the taste of Italy to the The Rim. The boasts an inviting open-kitchen concept to its 900 degree coal fired pizza oven creating the perfect crust texture. The upscale ambience is enhanced with an impressive wine bar and wine selection and also serves local brews and signature cocktails. There is no better place in San Antonio to enjoy brunch, lunch, happy hour or a nice Italian dinner.

Russo’s hand rolls and proofs its pizza dough fresh each day and only uses flour that doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives. The restaurant makes its pappardelle and gnocchi pastas fresh, in-house, and only uses the finest, premium ingredients. Russo’s incorporates vine ripened tomatoes from California, olive oil imported from Sicily, and authentic Italian spices in its signature sauces. A selection of Gluten Free pastas and pizzas are also available.

Lunch specials at the restaurant begin at $9.95 with an assortment of delicious pasta bowls that are coupled with a fresh side salad topped with homemade signature dressings made only at Russo’s.

Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen at The Rim is located at 17631 La Cantera Parkway. It is open for lunch, dinner, delivery and take out Sunday – Thursday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. For more information about the menu, delivery, takeout, catering, or to order online, please visit or call 210-561-7616.

About Russo’s Restaurants

Russo’s Restaurants is a national and international franchisor of the casual dining brand Russo’s New York Pizzeria. Based in Houston, Russo’s Restaurants is composed of a mix of corporate and franchised locations across Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Florida. Russo’s has entered international markets as well, with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates. Chef Anthony Russo created Russo’s Restaurants by applying his unique, family recipes featuring New York-style pizza, handcrafted pasta dishes, calzones, salads, sandwiches, soups and desserts. At its heart, Russo’s Restaurants reflects Chef Anthony’s commitment to his New York roots where food and family come first. To learn more about Russo’s franchise development opportunities, visit

Pizzeria Franchise Plans Expansion of 15 New Restaurants with Special Incentive

HOUSTON – Russo’s New York Pizzeria, the nation’s only chef-driven New York-style, Italian restaurant and pizzeria franchise concept, is looking to bring its upscale-casual dining concept to Arizona’s Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and North Scottsdale markets. The well-known pizza brand recently made the Top 200+ Franchise list by Franchise Times.

Its new, fast-casual, pizza and pasta-focused concept offers a fresh approach to classic Italian dining. Russo’s will also offer a special incentive for area developers who develop 3 or more stores: Owners will receive a royalty reduction to 3% in the first year on the first location to be developed.

Chef Anthony Russo, the creative culinary mind, founder and CEO of the chef-driven concept, announced the franchise brand’s “Next Generation Pizza & Italian” restaurant model –ideal for on-the-go diners looking for authentic Italian cuisine at shopping malls, strip centers and airports.

According to Restaurant News, convenience, value and online ordering and delivery are growing consumer trends.

The new concept has a smaller footprint (1,200-1,800 square feet). The Russo’s Next Generation Pizza and Italian restaurant model features an open-kitchen layout engineered to provide convenience to diners eating in, taking to go or for delivery. The family-centered restaurant surrounds diners with warm, inviting décor to enjoy heart-healthy menu items made fresh without preservatives, additives or trans fats. Beyond the brand’s specialty traditional crust and gluten-free pizzas, menu items include fresh salads, soups and made-from-scratch sauces and pastas. Authentic Italian cannoli, fresh-baked, Italian flatbread sandwiches and, of course, hand-tossed pizzas are just some of the distinctive menu items.

“We’ve been leading the pizza and pasta scene in all of our markets for more than 32 years because we’re always bringing fresh ideas to the table. This new format meets the customer demand for fresh, quality cuisine for pick-up on the go or delivered,” said Russo, who earned his chef distinction at 18 years old and honed his expert culinary skills working in his parents fine Italian restaurant before opening his own pizzeria.

By strategically placing restaurants in high-traffic retail areas, Russo’s offers fans easier access to its beloved New York-style pizza and traditional, Italian cuisines. Russo’s latest restaurant model is representative of a larger franchise growth strategy to expand the brands’ international footprint after successfully launching more than 48 locations worldwide with an additional 15 planned for the Arizona market.

Adding to the appeal of the opportunity, the average food and hourly labor costs are 20.7% and 25.2% respectively, with an impressive average net cash flow of 18.2%.

Initial investment starts at $454,350.

Signature new menu items and authentic brick oven pizzas include the following:


Lunch menu offerings range from $8 – $10 and dinner offerings range from $15 – $25.

As Russo’s continues to bring its renovated design into new markets, the brand is awarding franchise opportunities to qualified individuals who share a passion for fresh, quality food. To learn more about Russo’s franchise development opportunities and the Next Generation Pizza and Italian restaurant model, visit

About Russo’s Restaurants

Russo’s Restaurants is a 48-location national and international franchisor of the fast casual and casual dining brands Russo’s New York Pizzeria and Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen. Based in Houston, Russo’s Restaurants is composed of a mix of corporate and franchised locations across Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida and Hawaii. Russo’s has entered international markets as well, with locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Chef Anthony Russo has created his concepts from years of applying his unique, family recipes featuring New York-style pizza, along with a broad variety of handcrafted pasta creations, calzones, salads, sandwiches, soups and desserts, reflecting his commitment to his New York roots where food and family come first.

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